About Me

As a child I was so fortunate to be able to wander in a rural setting to get to know nature, the changing of seasons, the affect of the right amount of rain … too much and too little, the beauty of the land, water and air, the sound of birds, sheep, cattle, silence … and to see what we do to exist and in an attempt to prosper.

Since as early as I can remember drawing and creation has been part of me.  So many in rural remote can claim this …. we make our own fun, draw in the dirt, create imaginary people, sing songs that are our own.  However, like so many who have a bent toward creativeness, the concentration over a period to create a meaningful block of work has been missing.  My upbringing said “that won’t earn you a living”.  I was not in a culture that had considered, or had knowledge, that art creativity was a meaningful contribution to life, or that one could exist by following this path.

I view public art as a positive and expressive medium to explain what the artist has seen or perceives, as I have seen (or perceived) in my childhood and other periods that fabricate my mind, to make a statement publicly for the community to make comment or to take on board as an opinion.

Public art is found in a broader context than widely defined, as in fashion, clothing, vehicles, cathedrals, houses etc etc. Contemporary art continues to make bolder statements about community. I like that!