Plzen – Skoda, Pilsner Urquell ….. strong culture

Plzen - Skoda, Pilsener Urquell ..... strong culture

Since their period of oppression (during 2nd World War to 1989 when Russians left) photos and word-of-mouth indicates to me the cleanup and progress has been massive. Even though no-one would have liked to be in the Czech’s shoes during this period, it does seem to have given them great drive to achieve, what could be seen as an advantage in Europe … they are not just working for money, but also to prove what Czech can achieve, how productive they can be and how strong a culture they have.
This photo of Techmania in the Skoda precinct is indicative of the targets being set and the investment being made in education and research. Technology and science are foremost in the Czech future.

A wonderful piece of public art by David Cerny is housed in this building – a statement on each European nation.


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