Plzen Synagogue statement

A wonderful small bronze and sandstone piece that so vividly describes the battle of developing the synagogue, and recognition of a culture, within this town and region.  The Jewish faith abounds with these stories of oppression and meeting challenges.  One cannot help but admire these achievements, but in the same light it shows ho it is part of human nature to strike out at achievers and those that do things a little differently.

This piece is in the Plzen synagogue (May 2014) along with other small bronzes, equally expressive of the then and now.  This piece is only about 500mm high in total, the figure about 200mm, but the lines of the body express strongly that defiance and will of mind.  A memorable piece.

pushing up hill

pushing up hill

It is becoming quite common for places of worship to display modern art that expresses the history of the culture associates with the supporting culture.  For me this has become an improvement, helping to explain the background, purpose, place.




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