July 2016 ……. Margaret River Entry Statement win …. my concept has been chosen!

Following a rigorous procedure my ‘avatar (community support) tree’ concept for an interactive entry statement for the region was unanimously selected.  Whilst this is a concept, and funds have yet to be raised to create, it is a creation I would like to explain.

The structure brief is for it to be set amongst a parkland cleared area of marri and jarrah trees ranging between 16 and 20 metres tall.  For this to be a statement the scale of the main piece will be significant, possibly 24 metres in height.   The feature of the tree is the vine leaf at 6 metres,  recognising the significant contribution of the wine industry to the recent popularity of the region; the underside (8m x 10m) being a graphic fine art drawing in wire of the many attractions and natural features of the cape to cape area.

The design makes for a 2.4 metre high enlarged red bench under the leaf.  The sketch below hopefully shows the affect.

Due to cost, engineering constraints & wind factors the representation here of 3 large leaves in the heavens is unlikely to be adopted, more likely to be tendrils and shapely buds.  However the affect will be the same, representing the organic growth of the region, the importance of the wine industry, the graphic adventure under the lower leaf, the feeling of ‘announcement’ as you walk through the 4 metre door that ‘you have arrived in Margaret River’, the landscaped surface around the avatar being the natural colours of the region and of cultural importance to the original Australians, and the opportunity to tell friends and family where you are via all forms of media.


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