Smell the Rose

This piece is a rework of ‘Alice’. (see 1310 Alice in -My Art)  Whist Alice is a very sensual piece the desire to create a shaped body showing the contours of the human form, the challenge of making curves that can be identified by touch and feel, led me to bring Alice back into the workshop.  The inspiration came from a granite sculpture in Barcelona, and while my challenge is to get flow and form over a flat surface with only a depth of 40mm in a similar way, the depth and full body shape will inhibit the same format.  I wish I could remember who created this piece …. perhaps someone will get back to me?

Alice becomes “Smell the Rose”, exhibited at Sculpture By The Bay 2017, Dunsborough foreshore.  For a look at the gallery of works go to
or on facebook.

The wood is jarrah.  Finishing is completely done by sanding and oiling, sanding and oiling etc up to 6 times.  Tung oil is my preferred oil.  The surface hardens so as to become an external public art piece.


The photo taken at night with street lights in the distance shows the wonderful glow that this piece produces …. like she has been painted gold.

The work has it’s own life, as can be seen from these photos.


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