Bespoke School Furniture for Nature’s Atelier

Nature’s Atelier is a nature based child-care, kindergarten and day program centre in Vasse, Western Australia.  The care and teaching is Reggio Emilia inspired and will open in October 2018.

It was my privelege to be asked to make some feature bespoke children’s furniture from timber found on the property and from Mayanup, Western Australia.  Timbers in the mix included Jarrah, various Pines, Sheoak and White Gum.  The history of the timber is a quite fascinating >> the jarrah table, bench tops and legs are from windfall paddock jarrah, all well over 300 years old, blown over in a 2001 tornado and rescued from the chipmill, stored and is slowly being used for furniture.  >> the jarrah supports for these pieces are from an 1870’s Mayanup milking shed that fell over in a 2017 storm. >> the jarrah tops for the boxes were found in a pig shed at Nature’s Atelier, as was the sheoak for the desk – weathered and rotting in the bush it required a lot of work with oil and hardening techniques. >> the pine is from 1860’s planted at “Dwalganup”, Mayanup, felled in 1997. >> the whitegum from the milking shed.   Apart from the sheoak all the timbers are in mint condition, age has improved them.

The pieces are not very well photographed; however, in order of the snaps below they are jarrah tables (2600 x 800 x 520 mm high), jarrah bench stools (320 mm high) and jarrah top climbing boxes.  The bottom 2 photos are of a sheoak front desk from timber found in the paddock at the property, highly weather and in places rotten, it was a challenge, but along with all the timber has history.   The sand-box (lightbox) delivered has not been photographed.20180728_15545220180803_16250120180726_18173920180728_15543120180806_22424820180806_18301420180721_13055020180725_171535


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