Regensberg, Germany – revisit

Regensburg, Germany.  The first stop during a 7 week visit to Europe, May, 2014.  It is early spring and the sun’s warmth is weaving its magic in the fields, in the town and in the people.

It is an old city where known civilisation dates back to 6000 BC.  A rich area to settle, at the headwaters of the Danube where the Regens joins the currents.  The public art is indicative of that age with displays that relate to the periods.  The forms now appear more emotive, but that is not peculiar to Regensburg, but the scale is grand.  St Peters is large and imposing, central to the city and dominating.  Internally I found it somewhat musky, gothic, pristene, evocative and hypocritical (but I find that of most churches – I actually find that coffee shops are more spiritual and healing).  The warrior on the horse is central, again indicative of that “life membership” status given by our forefathers to warriors.  Then the new artforms as the “bust” and the “cycle” are emotive, clearly describing a feeling or a circumstance.   Regensburg is rich, and why not? – it has water, beautiful rich soils, friendly people, a long history – so the food is wonderfully expressive of the region.  Restaurants of quality abound and the people are cheerful.


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