Frackman The Movie – Must see!

Premiere in Western Australia of “Frackman The Movie” at Cape Mentelle, Margaret River, Western Australia

Last night I watched the movie “Frackman The Movie” (about Coal Seam Gas extraction) and was moved by the stupidity of mankind to undertake practices that put at grave risk two of our natural essential ingredients to healthy living – water and soil; let alone the other effects of peoples’ anxiety, resultant health issues, clean air and destroyed landscape, etc.

The message was not a surprise as I have seen documentation on the horrific outcomes of Coal Seam Gas extraction and Fracking in the USA.  As one of the wealthier countries on the planet, one would think our State governments could learn from the USA experience and put long term viability and health in front of short term political announcements and balance sheets.

I have never passed on a request to support a cause, however I am breaking this self rule and asking you to at least google “Frackman The Movie” and watch the brief trailer, decide on your position and possibly support the petition to Stop CSG mining and the method of Fracking.

Please see below email for a link to “Lockthegate”.

At Cape Mentelle they also showed a 5-10 min documentary of the land and unique waterways that are in the firing line of CSG in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia.  At the time of production over 90% of The Northern Territory is earmarked for gas production using this method.  Arnhem Land is pristine untouched landscape & the risk of disaster is too great to have this proceed.

My research shows that governments and universities are doing studies to assess the impact of this form of mining on the planet and it’s inhabitants.  These sites mentioned below all indicate government and industry WILL ….. assess, monitor, etc.  That is credible, but wouldn’t it be better management of both to finish the research before action is allowed?  After all, we only have one planet and one life to live.   (government watchdog);  (out of date, but highlights the rush to production before adequate assessment of outcomes)

From: Lock the Gate Alliance [] Sent: Sunday, 29 March 2015 10:57 PM To: Greg Banfield Subject: Thank you for taking a stand

Greg — Thank you for taking the pledge to protect our land, water and future from inappropriate mining. Will you forward this email to your friends and family so that they have the opportunity to join you in taking our pledge? Your friends can sign on to the pledge here: